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If you wish to feel an unforgettable sensation, fly "Paragliding (Tandem)" accompanied by an instructor. With the tourism "Tandem" Paragliding Flight, The Pilot and passanger fly together.

The passenger does not require previous knowledge about paragliding; he or she must only relax and enjoy this marvelous experience.

The pilot take off, flies, and lands the paraglide with total control and safety. Under certain flying condition and the pilot´s discretion, the passanger may control and pilot the flight under direct supervision of the pilot. Pro Pilot has been operating tourism flights for ten years and during this time has won an unsurpassable reputation in tandem flights. (tourism flights).

This reputation has been due to constant hard work and dedication of our experienced professional pilots. Our team of pilots are not only highly experienced tandem, but also recognized instructors under the Free flight Chilean Association (A.Ch.V.L).

Also, the pilots are licensed by Federation Aeronautique internationale (F.A.I) and the air federation of Chile (FEDACHI) and air sport of the federation Aragonesa (F.A.D.A).

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Tandem flying places
I Región
Palo Buque
Cabo Paquica
Alto Hospicio
II Región
Tal Tal
Playa Escondida.
La Mina
III Región
Parque Pan de azucar.
Cerro el Chancho
IV Región
V Región
San Antonio
VI Región
El Guindal
IX Region
Lago Lanalhue
X Region
Santuario de la Naturaleza
Metodos de Pago
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