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Paragliding Tours Chile 2006-2007

Tours is made from September 15 to May 15, best epoca to make tour is primavero or autumn of Chile. Tour this thought about 12 dias. We organized all the related one to the logistica of the trip since they arrive at the respective airport until they go away to his coutries.

Next tour november first, sign in with time writing a mail to

If we get 6 or more pilots the price will be 1200 euros per person.


Prices Guide Services.

6 ó more persons: 1200 euros per person.

5 persons goups: 1440 euros per person.

4 persons goups: 1800 euros per person.

3 persons groups: 2400 euros per person.

2 persons groups:3600 euros per person.

What is included the guide services?.


Additional costs for each pilot:

Meal costs - between 10 and 20 Euros per person per day.

Important: We travel between 200 and 300 km per day.

Places that we visit during the tour from Santiago to Iquique :

  1. Pirámide Santiago
  2. Lagunillas
  3. Las Vizcachas
  4. Maitencillo
  5. El teniende Dune
  6. Tambillos
  7. Cerro grande
  8. Cerro El Chancho
  9. Chañaral
  10. Paposo
  11. Playa escondida
  12. Chacaya
  13. Cabo Paquica
  14. Alto Hospicio
  15. Palo de Buque
  16. Patillos

We recommend that you take out accident insurance that covers Chile

Kind Regards.

Parapente Chile Team

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Chile’s Tour Zones
Santuario de la Naturaleza
X Region
IX Region
Lago Lanalhue
VI Región
El Guindal
V Región
San Antonio
IV Región
III Región
Parque Pan de azucar.
Cerro el Chancho
II Región
Tal Tal
Playa Escondida.
La Mina
I Región
Palo Buque
Cabo Paquica
Alto Hospicio
Metodos de Pago
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